Consulting Company TRIADA
Absolvitur Group is specialized companies that are developing dynamically. Our motto is an individual approach to every customer, professionalism and competence. Financial markets are a reflection of all complex processes in the world economy and politics, so we always keep abreast and protect interests of our customers in all situations on the market.
Our goal is your financial security and your capital increase.
The operation of company is to provide the following services:
  1. Maintenance of financial resources; 
  2. Maintenance of fund raising; 
  3. Debt collection; 
  4. Settlement of financial problems.
The advantages of cooperation with Absolvitur Company are the following:
Technology. Modern technology of financial management and debt collection are updated and improved by the experts of Absolvitur Company.

Resources. Professional lawyers, analysts and financiers, experts in evaluation and auditing specialize in debt and financial management, are experienced in debt collection, have business relationships and excellent reputation.

Efficiency. High efficiency in issues of debt repayment and settlement of debt are based on the current legislation, constant updating of legal practice and skills of personnel.