Consulting Company TRIADA

Credits, loans… Modern life is unimaginable thing without mortgage, loans for goods or expansion of private business. All people have lived in an atmosphere of credit for a long time, but for many it is still something new, often obscure and even suspicious. So many questions arise: what credit terms are, what bank is better, what it takes to get a loan?

Reading a newspaper or going by subway, you can see a lot of ads, topped with phrases “Help in obtaining a loan” or “Loan with no pledge or guarantors”. Naturally, it occurs immediately “But how? People shall collect many papers, bank shall verify their income, but they need only passport and you are credited!”. Strange, isn’t it? Indeed, this assistance is made in 90% of cases by crooks.

The opposite situation is when raising funds are engaged by a professional mortgage broker, namely Triada Company.

As in other spheres of life, if you are an amateur, it is much easier to pay an expert than to become an expert yourself. Therefore, in developed countries up to 80% of credit transactions are carried out by an agent.

The financial experts of Triada Company estimate a package of documents a customer can give, and after that recommend a bank or a private investor, that's right for the customer.


Experts of Triada Company will do the following:

  1. Help you choose the best credit terms of each borrower. Having the information from partner companies such as automobile sales centres, real estate agencies, real estate valuation experts, etc., Triada Company is able to offer the optimal object of credit. In addition, Triada Company recommends private investors.
  2. Advise on legal issues, explain obscure points of credit agreement and other “pitfalls” that can confront a borrower. Experts prepare an offer with calculations of all charges for all customers: mandatory charges when process a loan, monthly and annual commissions.
  3. Assess the customer's solvency. The company's specialists study credit history, financial resources, help define the desired amount of monthly payments, verify the size of income, etc.
  4. Collect a package of documents required for processing a loan or a credit, and even serve a request to a bank or arrange a meeting with a private investor.
  5. Consult to full debt repayment.