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Nowadays there are quite often situations when negotiation process is at a deadlock, and parties can not reach an agreement or compromise that would satisfy all the parties of the negotiations. In other words, they can not reach a settlement of disputes.

There are at least two solutions to this conflict: each party continues to insist on solving the problem and the case goes smoothly to the court, or the parties decide to settle disputes as quickly as possible. 

In this case the parties have the possibility of such dispute settlement as a pre-trial settlement of disputes without judicial settlement, so judicial settlement of disputes at an early stage of the proceedings. These settlements of disputes are the civilized way of solving problems or conflict. 

The most common way of pre-trial settlement of disputes and conflicts is negotiations. Disputes needed to be settled often arise between a debtor and a creditor due to the following reasons: either a creditor raises the interest rate unreasonably or has unreasonable fines, or a debtor has financial difficulty and cease to fulfil financial obligations. Without hesitation the parties usually refer the dispute to be settled in court. And after that the parties shall be prepared to the numerous court proceedings, deliberate prolonging the process by the opposite party, an attorney’s fees, who deals with protection of their interests in court. Both a debtor and a creditor are aware of the duration of the judicial settlement and therefore seek consciously to resolve the case without bringing the settlement of disputes in court and valuing their time and money. That’s why if you want to reach mutual understanding as quickly as possible and solve your problem, you should come to highly skilled experts of Triada Company.

The lawyer’s involvement in a settlement of disputes can be different: as advice and consultation so thorough support of settlement of disputes, including preparation of draft of restructuring agreements or settlement agreements. The lawyers of Triada Company are able to analyze a situation objectively, look at a problem professionally and advice what you need to resolve disputes that would allow to settle disputes more quickly.

If the dispute settlement process promises many difficulties, you need to attract professionals well versed in jurisprudence and practice of settling disputes. The specialists of Triada Company do not only advice or consult about the best conduct of dispute settlement, but they also fulfil the role of an agent and help you conclude restructuring agreements or settlement agreements, using legal and economic arguments.

Triada Company has extensive experience in dispute settlement and can help you resolve your financial problems, competently make a claim, a debt restructuring agreement, a text of settlement agreement, etc.

We can help save maximum time at minimum cost!